the tragic life of the guitar cowboy

ok guys ive got one song that im actually very proud of.. just need a few more for a little live ep.. i think ill make it 4 songs but one is gonna be a cover just like completey rearanged. this song is called dont you know (lyrics by julian) i will probably change the title. it was originally going to be a song for hectic but now im doing my own thing for a little while. im trying to decide what song id like to cover. im afraid i sound too much like a garden knockoff but theres less similarities than they had to the minutemen when they first started so its ok i think. this is my first song that im really proud of even if i did not write the lyrics. i think its really cool. ive had to change my singing style because the way i used to strained my voice too much and was not sustainable for more than 5 songs in a row. im more confident in this song because if people dont like the lyrics they can blame to julian not me. id love to cover "people who died" by jimmy caroll. i want the cover song to be something none of my friends know or like, especially a pop song.

mass murderer, feel these tombs further, just beyond our sight, just beyond the light. here we see apathy. dont you know bad dogs get thrown out? here we see dishonesty. dont you know bad dogs get muzzled?